WestHawk Capital is an investment firm focused on incubating and partnering with emerging managers of scalable real estate investment strategies

What We Do

Our Vision:

Success is achieved by contributing to the success of others.

Investing in and developing property can be exhilarating and profitable, yet deals and transactions are just part of the journey.

Our true passion lies in investing in people.

We seek out, team up with, and provide the breadth of our resources to high-integrity, hungry, smart, energetic, and focused real estate entrepreneurs pursuing attractive investment and/or development opportunities.

We partner in three different ways, tailored specifically to each opportunity:

Incubation & Acceleration

of investment & development companies


Programmatic Joint Ventures

as a co-GP or primary equity partner


Strategic Private Equity & Venture Investments

in real estate related businesses

Who We Are

Collaboration is our core Competency

We believe that we are all better as members of a team. Accordingly, we have made collaboration and partnership our focus.

Our company’s name is inspired by a small lake formed by a meteorite crashing into earth millions of years ago. West Hawk Lake also happens to be the deepest lake in the Canadian province of Manitoba, which has over 100 thousand lakes. We believe many of the greatest opportunities are identified only after a deeper understanding of context, history and what lies beneath the surface.

WestHawk Lake
Gary M. Linhart

Founding Partner
WestHawk Capital

Ben Sacks & Jake Gallagher

Single-Tenant Investments
Alignment Realty Capital | Incubated Company

Grass Clippings Rolling Hills

Night Golf Course Redevelopment
Programmatic Real Estate Partnership

Partnering with Us

Our Mindset:

A focus on partnership and shared stakeholder success.


We add value to our partners and to opportunities by providing support to the key levers of success in real estate.

Process Graphic

Our perspective is that each stakeholder in the real estate investment business has an important seat at the table and are partners in our respective success.

Table Graphic
Operating Partners contribute to our success by choosing to partner with us as they grow their businesses
Joint Ventures Partners contribute to our success by choosing to partner with us on single transactions or in a programmatic manner
Brokers contribute to our success by bringing us opportunities and facilitating smooth transactions
Investors and investment partners contribute to our success by trusting us with their capital and by giving us feedback on how to operate and invest more effectively
Service Providers & Vendors contribute to our success through a commitment to excellence and responsiveness necessary to carry out a business plan
Property Owners / Sellers contribute to our success by dealing fairly and honestly as we purchase property from them
Lenders contribute to our success by providing funding for our investment opportunities

You are an important part of our success.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your business goals.
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Case Studies

Check out some of our proven success stories from our clients.

Sonic Portfolio

St Louis, MO

Project Info

Purchase Date: 2020

Alignment Realty Capital acquired four SONIC Drive-In restaurants in a double-escrow transaction in which a SONIC franchisee purchased the operations and real estate of a like-sized franchisee and simultaneously spun-off the real estate at closing. The additional units acquired in the transaction represent the acquiring franchisees first foray into the St. Louis MSA, and will further solidify the operator’s position as a top SONIC franchisee. The SONIC franchisor parent company was acquired by Inspire Brands (a Roark Capital Company) in 2018 for $2.3 billion.

The SONIC Drive-In locations acquired by Alignment Realty Capital were high performing stores before COVID-19, when negotiations of the transaction were initiated. During the pandemic, sales continued to increase, demonstrating the resilience of quick-service restaurants, and particularly SONIC, against the adverse economic conditions caused by the pandemic. SONIC’s drive-in business model, which naturally promotes social distancing, has recently made SONIC a top choice among quick-service restaurant customers. “SONIC is running over 30% positive year over year for the quarter,” according to Inspire Brands CEO, Paul Brown, on an interview with Yahoo Finance on August 13th, 2020.

Single-Tenant Industrial
Portfolio Aggregation

Southwestern, USA
Exterior building drone

Project Info

Fund Launch Date: Summer 2021

Alignment Realty Capital is capitalizing on the surge in demand and values across the industrial real estate market by creating a fund vehicle to assemble a portfolio of smaller (i.e. less than 75,000 square foot) single-tenant industrial buildings, on a building-by-building basis, with a focus on the rapidly growing population centers in the Southwestern United States.


There are several layers to the investment thesis: 1) Discount to comparable properties – Material discount to smaller, single-tenant buildings relative to larger single-tenant buildings and relative to multitenant buildings; 2) Favorable supply-demand dynamics – Given the inflationary cost environment, there is almost no new supply of – and significantly growing demand for –smaller, single-tenant industrial buildings; 3) Rising Replacement Cost – Increasing labor, land and materials costs has increased the cost to develop new buildings, which positively impacts the value of existing buildings; and, 4) Regional Growth – The Southwestern US has been a beneficiary of long-term population trends that have been accelerated by COVID.

In the summer of 2021, Alignment formed a fund and as of October 2021 had purchased its first four buildings – in Phoenix and Las Vegas – and has a growing pipeline of additional acquisitions.

SLĒK HÄUS Single-Family
Brand Launch

Phoenix, AZ

Project Info

Platform Launch Date: Fall 2021

WestHawk has partnered with up-and-coming single family investor, wholesaler, and agent Colby McMahon, founder of Colbil Investments to aggregate a portfolio of single-family and smaller multifamily properties. The joint venture has created a brand – SLĒK HÄUS – which will be utilized to create a consistent, aspirational and contemporary product positioning across all of the acquired properties of our growing portfolio of residential rental properties. The venture was formed in mid-2021 and is growing rapidly through a series of both individual and portfolio acquisitions.

Let Us Know How We Can Collaborate

We are always looking for new partners, investors, lenders, brokers, vendors and sellers who share our mindset that success is achieved by contributing to the success of others.

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