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Gary M. Linhart

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Welcome to WestHawk Capital.

If you are interested in my story, and the “Why” of WestHawk Capital, please read on. My professional and academic background can be found on my LinkedIn above.

Up until sometime in early 2020, when I would ask myself what I wanted to be when I grow up, I did not have a good answer. However, I had been, unwittingly, accumulating a response to that question over the course of my life’s journey that began in Winnipeg, Canada in 1970. I then moved on to Phoenix, Arizona for high school, to college in Evanston, Illinois and Nagoya, Japan. Following that was my first full-time work experience in Tokyo, Japan, business school in Philadelphia, and post-graduate jobs and entrepreneurial adventures in New York, Houston, South Carolina, and back to Phoenix, where WestHawk is based and where I have been immersed in the real estate sector since 2002.

Along my journey, I began to notice that a small subset of the people I encountered found great joy in – and were very intentional about – contributing to my success.  They didn’t do it for recognition. They did it because they believed in me and helping me and some lucky others was what gave them joy, meaning, and motivation in their own lives; this effort to help others became the essential kernel of their own success. These people became my role models and I wanted to become one of them.

When I sold my interests in ViaWest Group, the commercial real estate investment and development firm I co-founded in 2003, I realized that I was in a position to create a company whose mission could be this very thing – achieving success by contributing to the success of others. Accordingly, WestHawk is in the business of partnering with emerging managers in real estate investment strategies to help them achieve their dreams and goals. As it pertains to work, my primary focus every day is on how I can help my partners be more successful. I am trying to apply this mantra to all aspects of my life, especially with my increasing involvement with community-oriented initiatives, particularly those related to mentorship and educational access, such as my heavy involvement in launching Project Destined in Arizona and in serving as the board chair for Read Better Be Better.

Thanks for visiting my website. If you think there is a meaningful reason to connect, please reach out. If we are already in touch, I hope you enjoyed your visit and look forward to connecting again soon.


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