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Here’s our backstory and how we came to affiliate with Gary’s platform incubator.

The roots of Alignment Realty Capital extend back to 2010, when we began a lasting friendship during our freshman year at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix.  We quickly discovered a shared interest in business, manifested through the purchase, repair, and resale of electronics, collectibles, and even a vintage Porsche.  Gary joined the picture in 2014 when he was paired with Ben for a college admission interview to his alma mater.  While Ben did not attend Northwestern, a mentor relationship was sparked, and would develop over the two summers Ben interned with Gary at the ViaWest Group.

Jake completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona in just three years and began his professional career in Dallas at Hamilton Realty Finance, a boutique real estate capital markets advisory firm.  By pure coincidence, a founding partner of Hamilton is a cousin of Linhart.  When I graduated college the following year, I also joined the team at Hamilton.  While in Dallas, Jake and I helped arrange financing for a variety of transaction types, but developed a particular interest in those involving single-tenant real estate.  The idea to launch a net-lease investment platform was born.

When Gary launched WestHawk, we seized the opportunity to partner with him, moved back to Phoenix, and officially launched Alignment Realty Capital in May of 2020.

While the pandemic was tumultuous for nearly every industry, Alignment’s narrow niche of investment within the single-tenant sector ultimately proved to be a “covid-winning” strategy. Gary has been not just a mentor, but a hands-on partner with us as we have jumped out of the gate to grow our business.  As of October 2021, we have already acquired 16 properties across the United States, with goals to rapidly expand Alignment’s footprint in 2022 and beyond.


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