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I started my real estate career at 19 years old, working briefly as an internal sales associate for a luxury real estate team before acquiring my license.I achieved immediate success in connecting with homeowners, utilizing my keen eye for opportunities and a sense for when to take calculated risks. In my first year as an agent, I was fortunate to start my career off strong, achieving residential sales in aggregate of $14M, which resulted in me receiving the Scottsdale Homeowners Magazine’s Rookie of the Year award in 2019. I was then invited to be a panelist as a subject matter expert for door knocking at the Keller Williams Family Reunion event in Dallas, Texas.

As I started to generate some investment capital for myself, I began my journey investing in real estate. I partnered with an individual investor to purchase a discounted, distressed property and quickly resold the property. I continued acquiring more. To this day, almost 2 years later, I have purchased and sold (i.e. flipped) over 20 properties with many more currently being renovated.

I pride myself on my contagious enthusiasm and I strive to focus on intention, purpose and results as a change-agent in the real estate industry. As I began expanding my network in the real estate space, I was introduced to Gary Linhart and WestHawk as a potential partner to accelerate the growth of my platform. We connected immediately and devised a strategy of acquiring and building a portfolio of value-add residential rentals within a unique brand – SLĒK HÄUS – that we have created together. In our first several months, we have purchased 12 rental units and have a rapidly expanding pipeline of proprietary, off-market acquisitions. We are just getting started!


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Colby McMahon